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Me And My Cats

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My obsession for cats started as a child. Cats have always been an indispensable part of my life. I am equally fond of other animals especially dogs. This website is an attempt to help other cat lovers and to create a valuable online resource to help you  take care of your cats.

By profession, I am an architect, interior designer, computer science teacher and a blogger. On this platform, I have also shared the compilation of my memories which I thought were worth sharing with other likeminded Cat lovers.

Know Your Cat

Cat Health , Cat health problems , cat treatment

Cat Health

This section will help you with some interesting information about the cat health. Browse our articles on cat health issues.

Cat Care , cat grooming , cat training , cat habits

Cat Grooming

This section will help you with some interesting information about the cat care. Read our articles on cat care best practices.

Cat Food , Cat food habits, best cat food, food for cats , cat feed, cat, cats

Cat Food

This section will help you with some interesting information about the cat food. Read our articles on cat food habits.

Your cat is a very special creature. The cats are by nature  very independent animals. Each cat can be very different in terms of individual personality.

However, most cats love their own well defined space and don’t hesitate to protect their space. And therefore, if you are planning get this wonderful buddy then this information will be a valuable resource for you.

Featured Cat Video

Meet these two very special kittens. These adorable kittens recently lost their mother. 

Meet the gang of five very cute and funny kittens enjoying the dinner with their mother. 

Cat Essential Services

The cat vaccination is an important step that will protect your cat against some common diseases. All cats need to be vaccinated as per the recommendation of your vet.

 As a caring cat lover, you also have a special responsibility to help others to adopt a cat.

Cat Vaccination , Cat , Cats , cat health , cat care

Cat Vaccination

Cat vaccination is an important part of the cat health. Protect your cats with recommended vaccines at the right age.

Cat Vaccination , Cat , Cats , cat Adoption, Cat Care

Cat Adoption

Cat adoption is the easiest way to bring this wonderful companion to your home. Your cat is waiting for your love and affection.

Cat Home, Cat Homes, Cat Vaccination , Cat , Cats , cat Adoption, Cat Care, Kitty Homes, Cat House, Kitty, Cute Cat, Funny Cats

Cat Home

Building a cat home for your kitty is a great idea and the easiest DIY project. Your cat is going to fall in love with this tiny house.

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